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Nokia Lumia 601 leaks online

Nokia Lumia 601 leaks online

Images of a handset purported to be a cheapjack addition to the burgeoning Nokia Lumia family have leaked online, as the resurgent phone-maker increasingly throws its weight behind Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Unearthed by PocketNow, Nokia Lumia 601 is expected to undercut the Lumia 710 - in turn a budget-friendly mid-range alternative to the top of the range 800 model that a mover and shaker at Nokia France likened to the BWM of the series.

nokia lumia 601

However, with no spec sheet available – other than a camera that appears to be around five megapixels - what that means for the 601 in the features department is something of a moot point right now.

A due date is similarly hard to come by. But we’re guessing the handset will tip up at the Mobile World Congress in February, along with the recently spotted Lumia 900.

Espied in a video, which swiftly thereafter was yanked from view, the 900 is expected to rock a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, an eight megapixel snapper and a 1.4GHz processor.


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