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  5. Nokia Lumia 800 is too expensive, says O2 chief

Nokia Lumia 800 is too expensive, says O2 chief

Nokia Lumia 800 is too expensive, says O2 chief

O2’s has decided not to range the Nokia Lumia 800 due to its high-price point, one of the carrier’s movers and shakers has implied.

Back in September, reports surfaced of a contretemps between O2 and Nokia over plans for the then-yet-be-unveiled Lumia 800. According to rumours, O2 refused to accede to Nokia’s demands for how the phone would be promoted in stores and the space that would be given over to it.

It is thought that the manufacturer’s requests were deemed unreasonable at a time when the likes of the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus would also be vying for consumers’ smartphone buck.

Nokia Lumia 800

Now it seems that the relationship between the two market players has worsened to such an extent that O2 will now won't be carrying the Lumia at all, with Simon Lee-Smith, head of O2's parent company Telefonica Europe, identifying what he deems an unrealistically high price for the handset as the key factor behind the decision.

Lee-Smith told "If Nokia wants to sell in volume, they need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive.

“[Nokia’s high-end smartphones] are not yet at the right price point."

The O2 man's remarks come despite the fact that the Lumia 800 is available for free on contracts starting at £26 per month – significantly less than most brand new smarties and substantially undercutting the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S.


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