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  5. Nokia Lumia 710 price drop incoming, says analyst

Nokia Lumia 710 price drop incoming, says analyst

Nokia Lumia 710 price drop incoming, says analyst

An influential analyst has cast fresh doubt on hopes that the Lumia range can rescue beleaguered phone-maker Nokia, with claims that weak pre-release consumer interest will force a price cut in a matter of weeks’ time.

With its mid-range specs, natty Windows Mango tile-based UI and keen price point, it’s hoped that the Lumia 710, along with its big brother the Lumia 800, will spearhead Nokia’s return to the smartphone makers' top table after years in the doldrums.

nokia lumia 710

However, Eldar Murtazin, editor of Mobile Review and a man with an enviable track record of breaking exclusive Nokia news, claims that the mission to revive Nok-Nok is already floundering.

According to Murtazin, the smartphone-buying public’s response to the soon-to-land Lumia 710 has been so muted thus far that Nokia is already planning a price cut in a month’s time.

This will apply in Europe, as well as in Eastern Europe and even in Russia, where Nokia’s hold on the market has remained stronger than in other territories, he claims.

Suggestions that all is not well at the New Model Nokia come amid conflicting reports of demand for the Lumia 710.

Nokia Lumia 710 colours

One analysis firm recently calculated that the handset has sold a more-than-respectable one million units since launch in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Other number crunchers have dubbed the handset an embarrassing flop that has failed to gain any kind of significant market and mindshare.



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