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  5. Phones4u JUMP contract offers new phone every six months

Phones4u JUMP contract offers new phone every six months

Phones4u JUMP contract offers new phone every six months

Phones4u has launched a new mobile phone contract offering customers the chance to upgrade their handset every six months - for a price.

Dubbed JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone), the contract is aimed at consumers irked at being stuck with a handset for the duration of a typical two-year term while a slew of newer models hit the market.

Phones 4U store shot

For the privilege of being able to change their phone mid-contract when something up-to-the-minute catches their eye, JUMP customers are asked to pay an additional initial cost of £2.99-£3.99 per month on top of the standard contract charge.

When the time comes for them to upgrade, no upfront fee applies. Subscribers can also trade in their existing phone with Phones4u, which will guarantee cashback of £100 for the first 12 months.

The retailer will then work out a new contract. This will take into account the amount left on the customer's previous phone deal, plus the standard contract charges that would apply to new subscribers choosing that particular phone.

The customer will then automatically be rolled over into a new 24-month contract at the newly calculated price point, which will go up in price in this way each time they sign up for a new phone.

Ernest Doku, Technology Expert at uSwitch, said: “The JUMP tariff does offer a new level of flexibility in terms of switching handsets mid-contract without fear of incurring penalties or any up front fees, but consumers will be paying a bit of a premium for the privilege.

“Each upgrade does place consumers into another rolling contract, and at a higher monthly commitment to pay for the new phone. This can make overall handset costs higher than normal over the course of a 24-month JUMP deal.

“However, for those tech-obsessed shoppers savvy enough to upgrade frequently – and willing to pay extra each month to keep up with the smartphone Joneses - the JUMP tariff is a decent option.”

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