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  5. White Nokia Lumia 800 now official, landing in March

White Nokia Lumia 800 now official, landing in March

White Nokia Lumia 800 now official, landing in March

If you thought the Nokia Lumia 800 looked slick in black, it’s set to get even slicker in an ice cool white edition.

Not to be bested by Samsung, which announced a white Galaxy Nexus recently, Nokia has unveiled its flagship Windows Phone kit in the much sought-after paintjob, due to land sometime next month.

White Nokia Lumia 800

"White is the ultimate colour of reduction. It’s also perfect for emphasising the black polished screen. If you stand a white Lumia 800 on a table the body almost disappears, and the black screen seems to lift up and float," said Nokia's colour and material designer Tiina Aarrasshe.

We agree - it does look rather nice. Specs-wise, though, the white Lumia 800 is exactly identical to its black sibling. These include a 3.7-inch AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor, an eight-megapixel camera with Carl Zaiss optics and 16GB of on board storage.

It also comes with a range of Nokia applications and services pre-installed, such as Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Mix Radio.

Phones 4U has nabbed exclusive rights for ranging the handset and is currently taking pre-orders on contracts starting £20.50 on a number of networks.

Phones 4U chief commercial officer Scott Hooton said: “Our customers recognise us as being the destination of the white smartphone, and as it continues to be one of the most popular and desired smartphone colours, we’re pleased to be offering our customers an even greater range of these colour devices now we exclusively have the Nokia Lumia 800 in white as part of our extensive range of white mobile phones.”

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