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Windows Phone 8 features leak

Windows Phone 8 features leak

Next-generation Windows Phone handsets will feature support for beefier processors and enhanced Near Field Communications (NFC) smarts, a leaked clip reveals.

A video, purportedly intended for Microsoft’s partner Nokia and featuring the smartphone platform’s design doyenne Joey Belfiore, details a host of features that Windows Phone 8 will bring to the operating system.

windows phone 8

Among the highlights on which the luxuriantly centre-parted one expounds is the addition of microSD card support, substantially boosting phones’ storage capacity.

More excitingly, we’re also purportedly in for a version of the OS that can run on devices with multi-core processors, potentially clearing the way for devices that match the brawniest Android phones. Improved NFC tech, meanwhile, will allow support for NFC radios.

Other changes take in the addition of DataSmart – a feature intended to make it easier for users to monitor how much data they use and which apps are hungriest and which will seek out and prioritise available Wi-Fi connections over 3G.

News of the changes comes after Nokia boss Stephen Elop recently rubbished the next-generation of quad-core processor-toting Android smarties claiming their only practical use is to ”keep your hands warm in your pocket”.



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