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iOS 6 to be unveiled on June 11th?

iOS 6 to be unveiled on June 11th?

Apple’s regular-as-clockwork Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) could take place between June 11th and 15th this year, rumours suggest.

San Francisco’s Moscone Center, which has traditionally been the iGiant’s venue of choice for past conferences, has been booked for several instances of “corporate meeting” in June. However, only one of those lasts a week, which we think could very well be Apple’s annual iOS press-cum-devs’ get together.

The highlight of the show is expected to be iOS 6. However, we’re unlikely to see or hear anything about the sixth-generation iPhone, as Apple might decide to stick to an autumn release cycle having successfully launched the iPhone 4S last October.

What features iOS 6 will bring is anybody’s guess right now. However, at the very least we expect an improved version of Siri with local map and search support finally for the UK and other countries outside the US of A.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have more to share. So stay tuned.


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