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New iPad 3 Wi-Fi problems surface

New iPad 3 Wi-Fi problems surface

The new iPad suffers from sub-par Wi-Fi reception, user testimonies suggest, as an Apple product launch is once again marred by a raft of complaints from disgruntled owners.

Ever since the so-called ‘Antennagate’ scandal with the iPhone 4, teething troubles with new iProducts have become something of an Apple tradition.

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The new iPad isn’t about to break the habit, it seems. Earlier this week, it emerged that the all-singing all-dancing slate could have overheating problems.

And today it looks like the Cupertino-based tech giant faces another firefight, after owners of the new iPad took to forums to complain that the device is actually worse at connecting to W-iFi than the iPad 2.

Worryingly, it doesn’t seem like they're isolated incidents either. Not if the 144 posts attesting to problems picking up and maintaining a Wi-Fi connection on an Apple forum are anything to go by.

In an uncanny echo of Antennagate, some testimonies claim that the connection is worse when users place their hands on it in a particular way while it is in landscape mode.

At the time of writing, Apple had yet to comment. But as soon as it does acknowledge the matter, we’ll let you know.

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