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  5. HTC One X ‘death grip’ denied by phone-maker

HTC One X ‘death grip’ denied by phone-maker

HTC One X ‘death grip’ denied by phone-maker

HTC has brushed off reports that its flagship kit for 2012, the One X, has an inherent design flaw affecting two curves edges of the handset’s screen.

Spotted by CNET on a review unit, the One X reportedly suffers a so-called ‘screen death grip’ whereby holding the handset too hard can cause the display to ‘flex’, resulting in colouration and a ‘rainbow effect’ when the user interacts with it.

According to CNET’s Natasha Lomas, the problem occurred on four different One X handsets, making it pretty likely this might be a widespread problem.

However, HTC has denied there is any such issue with the retail build of the handset, which is said to have passed all quality assurance tests.

Daniel Hundt, creative director at One & Co, HTC's design consultancy, said: "I was not aware of that - maybe this is not a shipping build. We would never let that ship.”

It’s possible that there really is a problem with the demo version of the One X, which is not out of the ordinary. However, any defects with the final build could be major setback for a company trying to claw itself back into contention with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

News of the One X’s defect comes as reports begin to surface of its smaller brother, the One S, being afflicted with its own issue. Word is, the handset’s black casing can become chipped from accidental knocks and bumps, leaving unsightly marks on an otherwise slick-looking device.

Via: Crave CNET

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