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  5. LG Quick Voice unveiled to challenge Siri & S-Voice

LG Quick Voice unveiled to challenge Siri & S-Voice

LG Quick Voice unveiled to challenge Siri & S-Voice

LG has become the latest phone-maker to boost its handsets’ voice-commands smarts, as more and more smartphone-manufacturers look towards more intuitive modes of interaction.

Dubbed Quick Voice and featuring natural voice processing technology, the app allows users to conduct searches, pen emails and messages and schedule appointments using spoken commands. It will offer support for 11 apps from the get-go, among them the alarm clock and maps.

lg quick voice

The service will be rolled out in South Korea initially, with the Optimus Vu and Optimus LTE 32 first in line to get it. There’s no word yet if LG plans to make Quick Voice available outside its domestic market.

LG’s move comes just days after Apple confirmed that the next major iteration of its iOS platform will attempt to enhance the breadth of functionality offered by its own voice-guided assistant, Siri.

Voice commands also feature prominently on LG’s arch rival Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, in the form of S-Voice.

The sudden rise to popularity of voice assistant functions on smartphones is rooted in the need for manufacturers to differentiate their products in an increasingly competitive smartphone market, as well as the imperative to simplify use of their modern handsets’ features for mass-market users.



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