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  5. Sorry dog fans: HTC Siri/S Voice challenger isn’t real

Sorry dog fans: HTC Siri/S Voice challenger isn’t real

Sorry dog fans: HTC Siri/S Voice challenger isn’t real

HTC’s Jeff Gordon has confirmed that an image purportedly showing off a ‘top secret’ voice assistant app for its handsets is a ‘joke’ to coincide the company’s ‘Bring Your Pet to Work’ week.

Puppy dog

Posted via the company’s official Facebook page, the photo – now clearly proven a mock-up – illustrates a Siri -style conversation between a man and a dog, with the man playing the role of the voice assistant, while the dog, named ‘Spot’, barks away commands in its natural language, understood by the app.

However, despite a disclaimer stating ‘Sorry dog fans, this isn’t real’, bloggers and fans were sent into a frenzy thinking it was a teaser for an upcoming Siri challenger. Clearly HTC took at snipe at Apple and Samsung’s services, which have come under intense scrunity for not recognising simple words and phrases, leading to an embarrassingly sub-par user experience for many.

Inundated with queries, Jeff Gordon, HTC’s global communications manager tweeted that it is “just a joke to cap off HTC's 'pets week'. No news cycles here.”

We’re a little saddened to say the least. Not because we were particularly clamouring for yet another voice app to do our bidding – but one that understands our pets’ needs, too.

htc one x official

Although HTC claims this particular app is a joke, that doesn’t necessarily mean a similar app for humans isn’t in the pipeline. It’s just a really, really clever move from the phone-maker to put us off the scent (sorry, just had to) in the meantime.


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