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  5. LG producing thinner, 4-inch iPhone 5 display

LG producing thinner, 4-inch iPhone 5 display

LG producing thinner, 4-inch iPhone 5 display

LG has announced it has begun mass production of a new, thinner display for Apple, the timing of which could only mean it is destined for the next iPhone.

"We just began mass production and we don't expect any disruption in supplies," Han Sang-beom, chief executive of LG Display revealed to the press yesterday.

The South Korean electronics giant is one of Apple’s two main panel suppliers along with compatriot Samsung. However, rumours have been doing the rounds that Apple may soon be severing its ties with the latter over legal disputes, and that Japan’s Sharp and Toshiba are taking over Sammy’s manufacturing detail.

The iPhone 5 is widely expected to feature a more capacious, four-inch display sporting a cutting-edge ‘in-cell’ technology that assimilates the LCD and touch sensor layers of the screen into one, making it thinner and lighter than the current on-cell variety.

Analysts have forecast this could enable the handset to be up to 7.6mm thin, almost 20 per cent slimmer than the iPhone 4S.

In addition to a bigger screen, the iPhone 5 said to be home to a brawnier quad-core chipset, an enhanced camera sensor and 4G support for high-speed mobile internet.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is also likely to be on board, as well as a smaller, 8-pin dock connector, a centred front-facing camera and the headset jack now located at the bottom.



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