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  5. Windows Phone 8: Nokia Lumia 920 specs leaked

Windows Phone 8: Nokia Lumia 920 specs leaked

Windows Phone 8: Nokia Lumia 920 specs leaked

Specs of Nokia’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920, have been leaked and corroborated ahead of its imminent official unveiling this week.

Citing ‘multiple sources’ familiar with developments, The Verge reports that the Lumia 920 will be home to a 4.5-inch HD display (we’re thinking 720p), a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, which is a first for any Windows Phone kit (plus 1GB of RAM) and 32GB of on board storage.

Nokia Lumia 920 leaked

The insiders also confirmed the Lumia 920 will definitely pack wireless charging capabilities, just as we revealed yesterday, allowing the handset to be re-juiced by simply placing it on an inductive charger pad. This will apparently support the Qi wireless power standard, meaning non-proprietary chargers will work, too.

Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charger leaked

Elsewhere, there is a PureView camera on board. No, not the 41-megapixel kind that featured on the 808 PureView, but an eight-megapixel one just like the Lumia 900. Instead the 920 comes with the PureView’s image stabilisation technology and camera software.

Nokia is due to formally lift the lid on the Lumia 920 tomorrow in New York at a joint event with Microsoft. It will also announce the Lumia 820, a smaller, possibly cheaper model sporting a 4.3-inch panel.

Both handsets run on the new and improved Windows Phone 8 operating system. Pricing and availability are as-yet unknown, but we’ll reveal these as soon as we know more.


The Verge

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