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  5. iPad Mini price to start at $330, say sources

iPad Mini price to start at $330, say sources

iPad Mini price to start at $330, say sources

The iPad Mini won’t be anything like as wallet-friendly as the majority of leaks have led tech types to believe, fresh evidence from Apple’s supply chain suggests.

For months now, reports have indicated that an entry level, stripped down version of the micro-slate will retail for between $200 and $250. Give or take $50 or so, that would have put it broadly in line with its Android rivals, the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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However, according to sources cited by 9to5Mac the estimated price point that some appear to think is all-but set in stone is actually way off the mark. In fact, the base model of the iPad Mini, which is expected to feature 8GB of storage and dispense with 3G connectivity, will sell for around $329, the site's insiders posit.

Meanwhile, higher-end models, which are likely to feature storage of 16GB and 32GB, are set to retail for an extra $100 and $200 respectively.

After months of rumours, Apple is set to officially unveil the iPad Mini tomorrow at an event at the California Theatre in San Jose, with signs pointing to a subsequent street date of November 2nd.

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Spec-sheet fixtures and fittings thought to be on board the device include a 7.85-inch, non-retina touchscreen, the same, smaller Lightning dock connector as the iPhone 5 and an A5 dual-core processor.



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