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Nokia denies plans for Android phone

Nokia denies plans for Android phone

Tech talk suggesting that Nokia is about to jump ship from Windows Phone to Android has been given short shrift by the Finnish phone-maker.

Rumours that Nokia is planning an Android phone first surfaced back when Symbian’s inability to compete with rival platforms became apparent.

The speculation got fresh legs last week when a Nokia job notice appeared seeking an engineer armed with keen skills with Linux. That’s the operating systems on which Android is based.

However, Nokia’s head of media relations Doug Dawson has today rubbished the rumours, which some tech watchers will have been afforded a layer of credence because of the muted sales for Nokia smartphones powered by the rival Windows Phone platform.

A Twitter post from Dawson stated: "Hi. Our recently posted job is linked to our Here Maps support for other platforms, including IOS and Android. Nothing more.”

Nokia’s statement comes after it announced sales of 2.9 million Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones during the third quarter, helping to narrow its quarterly losses to £670 million.

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