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HTC First: Facebook phone screenshots leak

HTC First: Facebook phone screenshots leak

Photos have surfaced online of the specially built, Facebook-flavoured version of Android that's rumoured to be on board the social-networking site’s first-ever own-branded phone, ahead of the its official showcase later today.

Spirited onto the web by @evleaks and subsequently picked up by 9to5 Google, the snaps show what is purported to the phone’s notifications page, apps homepage, as well as a selection of menus.

htc facebook phone

Conspicuously free of overt Facebook branding, the new user interface does seem to place full-screen photos prominently, as well as the option to access Facebook functions from the majority of menu pages, saving social-minded types precious seconds because they’ll no longer have to open up their Facebook app.

Yesterday, evleaks, whose record with outing pre-release phones is enviable to say the least, posted earlier snaps of the Facebook phone, but with a blanked-out screen that obscured the tweaked version of Android expected to be its USP.

htc facebook phone 2

Purportedly a re-skinned version of the HTC First, the Facebook phone’s putative spec sheet marks it out as aimed at the mid-range market. Highlights take in a 4.3in 720p HD screen, a five megapixel camera and dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor.


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