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HTC First outed as Facebook phone?

HTC First outed as Facebook phone?

A photo of the so-called Facebook phone has surfaced online, suggesting that after years of rumours a social networking-focussed kit bearing the site’s imprint could finally make it to market.

Earlier this week a release from Facebook promised that a press call on April 4th at Menlo Park in California would see the unveiling of the company’s “new home on Android”.

htc first leak

Confirmation that said domicile could be a handset may have arrived today with the appearance of snaps of a previously unseen HTC smartphone that we’re told will be showcased as the Facebook phone tomorrow.

Unearthed by evleaks, the HTC First appears to deviate little from the black-slab school of smartphone design, with no sign of the much-mooted dedicated ‘Facebook button’ that some once forecasted would be on board the handset.

Frustratingly, the blanked-out screen also means we’re unable to see what speculation suggests will be an entirely fresh take on the Android operating system built around Facebook.

Images of the First have appeared after years of reports linking HTC with plans to bring a Facebook phone into the world, adding credence to evleaks’ scoop.



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