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HTC Desire 200 gets official

HTC Desire 200 gets official

HTC has turned to a handset brand synonymous with its glory days of 2011 to revive its flagging fortunes, in the shape of a new low-cost addition to the Desire range.

Dubbed the Desire 200, the as-yet un-priced kit packs a 3.5-inch display with 480x320 resolution, as well as a five-megapixel camera. Perhaps surprisingly for a phone so obviously pitched at the low-end market, Beats by Dre audio technology is on board too.

htc desire 200

Other than that, spec-sheet details are scanty. But the product listing on HTC's site does tell us that it’ll be 3G-only and packs a 1GHz processor courtesy of Qualcomm and 4GB of internal storage. This can be boosted by up to 32GB adding a microSD card.

Pricing and a due date have yet to be established. But we anticipate that you’ll be able to pick up HTC’s latest – let’s hold back with ‘greatest’ – bit of kit from a shade over £100 on pay as you go.


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