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iOS 7 set for AirDrop sharing

iOS 7 set for AirDrop sharing

Apple is once again planning to bring Mac OS X’s AirDrop to iOS. The new function will mirror its desktop cousin, allowing simple sharing of photos, docs and videos between iPhones and iPads.

People ‘familiar’ with iOS 7 have divulged details to the Apple fanatics at 9to5mac.  They say that AirDrop will appear in the iOS sharing menu, with the chance to fling files to nearby iOS devices using Wi-Fi Direct tech.

It’s unclear whether Mac sharing will also be available, although it seems unlikely Apple would miss a trick and not let punters ping files to their laptops and desktop machines too.

AirDrop has been available on Macs since 2011 and was primed for iOS 6 before being dropped at the last minute.  Sources are urging caution about this latest slice of gossip, saying the same could happen again this year.

iOS 7 is due to be revealed at Apple’s WWDC event, which kicks off on June 10th with a keynote speech.   The updated operating system is said to rock a new ‘flat’ design, developed by Jony Ive.

Source:   9to5mac

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