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  5. Nokia EOS: five key rumours about Espoo’s new camera phone

Nokia EOS: five key rumours about Espoo’s new camera phone

Nokia EOS: five key rumours about Espoo’s new camera phone

Nokia is all set to reveal its much-hyped new camera phone at a huge event in New York tomorrow, July 12th.

Codenamed EOS, the device is expected to take the fight to Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy S4 Zoom, sparking a whole new battle in the fight for camera phone supremacy.

And while official details haven’t been revealed, there are plenty of juicy tidbits floating around the web about this killer new device.

Here’s our pick of the five key rumours you need to know.

1 It’s called the Nokia Lumia 1020

The name Lumia 1020 cropped up last week replaced the EOS name which has been doing the rounds for months. That naming strategy makes a certain amount of sense, seeing as Nokia has previously released Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 devices.

This would place the new device at the top of Nokia tree, making the Lumia 1020 Espoo’s flagship phone.

2 Or the Nokia Lumia 909

However, new gossip emerged earlier this week to suggest Nokia was actually planning on calling the handset the Lumia 909.

This also has a logic to it – Nokia’s last impressive camera phone effort was dubbed the PureView 808, after the camera tech inside. 909 therefore feels like the next step for Elop and co’s camera phone range.

3 It’ll pack 41 megapixels

nokia lumia 1020 rear

This one’s a given. Leaked images have already shown the rear of the Lumia 1020/909 rocking a 41 megapixel badge next to the lens.

Meanwhile, last year’s PureView 808 packed in the same tech, with the same sensor ensuring pictures looked stunningly detailed.

No other mobile-maker has been able to get close to Nokia in this regard, so this new device is essentially about putting 2012’s tech into a Windows Phone, rather than a Symbian one. Either way, it looks set to be a winner.

4 It’ll cost around £400 SIM-free

Nokia EOS '41 million reasons' teaser image

Prices revealed in the USsuggest users across The Pond will need to stump up around $600 for the privilege of owning a SIM-free Lumia 1020/909 SIM-free. That translates to around £400 on these shores.

It might seem pricey, but when you consider the Galaxy S4 Zoom clocks in at around £450, it’s not actually that bad. Contract deals should be even more competitive.

5 It comes with a heap of colour options

As ever, Nokia isn’t shy about serving up different colours devices. The Lumia 1020/909 is believed to be coming in black, yellow and white. That’s not quite as wide-ranging as previous efforts from Espoo, but still gives fashion conscious punters a decent choice.

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