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iOS 7 for iPad facing delays

iOS 7 for iPad facing delays

Current iPad owners could have to wait until the launch of new models of Apple’s tablet in order to get a taste of Cupertino’s forthcoming iOS 7 on their slate.

That’s the word from 9to5mac, which says that Apple could be holding back iOS 7 for iPad to coincide with the launch of iPad 5.

Developers have told the Apple-obsessed site that they find the iPad edition of Jony Ive’s iOS overhaul to be ‘unstable and unreliable’.

That could be down to the fact that, iOS 7 beta for iPad was not released until two weeks after the iPhone and iPod touch version.

Now ‘chatter inside Apple’ is seemingly increasingly focusing on the idea of unleashing iOS 7 for iPad as an iOS 7.0.1 update, either later in September or early October.

Apple is expected to reveal its new iPad models at a special event at that time, separate from its iPhone 5S and iPhone C announcements.

The new full-sized iPad is expected to rock an iPad mini-like design, while the updated iPad mini could come with a Retina Display, as Apple looks to take the fight to Google’s rejigged Nexus 7.



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