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  5. iPad 5 case could have leaked on video

iPad 5 case could have leaked on video

iPad 5 case could have leaked on video

A short clip posted online might just have given us our best look yet at the next-generation iPad, as the tech world turns its attention away from the iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone 5C for just a moment.

The video, for which we’ve got Mac Otakara and French site to thank, shows what we’re asked to believe are the front and rear panels for the forthcoming tablet.

In keeping with earlier leaks, the back section appears to confirm that it's the iPad mini that’s acted as the touchstone for Apple's designers here. Not least in the thinner bezel around the screen to allow Apple to retain the same size display while slimming down the iPad 5 overall, as well as more rounded corners.

This tallies with reports from May indicating that the iPad 5 would be lighter and thinner than its predecessor. The move to shrink the slate is also apparently being facilitated by the use of a glass substrate that means the screen is slimmer.

Like Apple’s microslate, the 9.7-inch iPad 5 also looks to feature a microphone relocated at the back of the device.

Elsewhere, though, it’s the Macbook to which Apple’s designers have looked for inspiration, most obviously in the form of what looks like a translucent Apple logo at the rear of the device. We’re assuming this will light up when the slate is switched on, like a kind of corporate Bat Signal.

A concrete release date for the iPad 5 is hard to come by right now. Some tech-watchers claim it could be here as early as September, while others posit that manufacturing problems mean a 2014 due date is much more likely.


Apple Insider

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