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LG G2: Five things you need to know

LG G2: Five things you need to know

LG’s G2 arrived to much fanfare earlier this week.

Having been leaked extensively over the summer, the new device from the Korean tech titan has the potential to further boost its fortunes in the smartphone space.

And while LG’s claim that it offers ‘a new perspective’ on the utilitarian world of smartphone design may be pushing it, this is still a handset that’s well worth getting excited about.

Want the inside line? Then read on and check out our five key things you need to know about the LG G2.

1 Volume and power controls round the back

lg g2 rear

The LG G2’s calling card. Execs claim that this is a far more natural place to position buttons, with the intention being to prevent users from dropping the phone while tweaking the volume.

Apparently, this is a more common occurrence when buttons are slapped on the side of a device.

It’s certainly unique and does make a certain amount of sense considering most people position their index figure at the rear of the device when making and taking calls.

We can imagine a few accidental pushes though, so the jury’s out until we’ve tested it properly.

2 Edge-to-edge screen

lg g2

Shifting those buttons has also meant that LG has managed to keep the bezel of the G2 down to a mere 0.1 inches.

The display is in keeping with the current trend for big screens, stretching to a massive 5.2-inches and serving up Full HD video.

And what’s more, touch controls even work when you’re wearing gloves.

That might not seem such a big deal right now, but wait until the nights draw in and the mercury plummets and you’ll be thanking LG’s design team every time you whip out your phone without freezing your fingers off in the process.

3 No Android 4.3…yet

Android Jelly Bean generic banner

The LG G2 comes with Android 4.2.2 out of the box, not the very latest Android 4.3 version.

That’s not the end of the world because 4.3 is an incremental update and as such nothing to get too excited about.

However, with manufacturers keen to roll out Google’s latest software to stymy fragmentation concerns, it shouldn’t be long before the G2 is loaded up with the new stuff.

4 There’ll be no ‘Google Play’ Edition


The move towards stock, so-called vanilla Android models of the very best Google-backed handsets has been one of 2013’s most welcome smartphone developments.

However, LG has said that it’s not planning on releasing a so-called ‘Google Play’ Edition of the G2 any time soon.

That’s a shame, seeing as the pure versions of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s One have proven that vanilla Android remains the way to go for those who want swift software without pesky manufacturer and network-imposed bloatware.

5 Lightning-fast processor

snapdragon 800 processor

The G2 is the first phone to rock Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor in every market it’s sold in.

Until now, this speedy chip has only been reserved for certain territories. It means that the device can chew through tasks at lightning speed, without any lag.

LG has understandably been shouting from the rooftops about this move, which gives it a real edge on its Android rivals.

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