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  5. LG G2 launch event goes awry in Korea

LG G2 launch event goes awry in Korea

LG G2 launch event goes awry in Korea

LG’s G2 enjoyed a huge launch in New York recently. But not content with taking Gotham by storm, the Korean company also lined up a series of so-called ‘G2 In The Cloud’ events across its home country.

However, the first of these, held in the capital Seoul, has also proved to be the last. The reason? Over-eager punters using BB guns to shoot down helium balloons attached to coupons for the flagship device.

lg g2 slanted

The trigger-happy gadget fanatics caused injuries to twenty people. LG has said it’ll cover those people’s medical costs, as well as offering compensation. It’s also cancelled other ‘G2 In The Cloud’ events.

The gun-wielders were clearly keen to get a hold of the new 5.2-inch screen-toting handset, which also rocks a unique rear volume and power control configuration. It also uses Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 800 processor and Android Jelly Bean.

If you fancy a G2, but can do without getting involved in a botched marketing event, Three will be selling the device soon.


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