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  5. HTC One: update incoming to fix purple tint problem

HTC One: update incoming to fix purple tint problem

HTC One: update incoming to fix purple tint problem

If you own the HTC One, you may have noticed a purple tint appearing on your photos. The good news is that HTC is aware of the problem, and is preparing an update to fix it, the company said in a statement to Italian blog HDBlog.

An HTC spokesperson has also confirmed to CNET UK that it's working on a fix.

HTC One official black edition

A spokesperson said: "We've recently received isolated reports of a purple hue appearing on images taken with the HTC One.

"After investigating the reports initially, we're planning a software update that will improve the colour contrasts in low light conditions.

"As we work to improve this aspect of the user experience, we would like to thank our customers for their patience."

The purple tint is said to appear in pictures taken in darker conditions.

The HTC One isn't the first mobile to suffer this problem. When the iPhone 5 first launched, Apple was met with complaints that some snaps were coming out with a purple tint.

Apple's explanation? It was a simple flare effect from out-of-scene bright light, and moving the phone a little should solve the problem.

Though that's unlikely to help with the HTC One, seeing as the issue occurs in dark conditions.

The One features a 4-megapixel snapper described by HTC as an Ultrapixel camera. It features larger pixels that let in more light, which supposedly results in better image quality.




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