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iPad 5: 5 key things you need to know

iPad 5: 5 key things you need to know

It might not have been gossiped about the like iPhone 5s. But make no mistake, the iPad 5 is most definitely coming.

Rumour-mongers and tech-watchers have had the forthcoming slate in their sights for weeks, with key details slipping out left, right and centre.

So, what will Apple’s next-gen tablet entail? Will it be better than the previous model? Or is it worth sticking with what you’ve got?

Read on and we’ll tell all.

1 It’s due October 22nd

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

Apple hasn’t said when it’ll be outing the iPad 5. That’s just not how it does things.

But a series of well-placed sources across the US have confirmed that the updated tab will be landing on October 22nd, a little under two weeks from now.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has given his customary ‘Yep’ to these rumours, while All Things D says ‘people familiar with the matter’ have told them to ink that date in the diary.

Seeing as these sources were spot-on with the iPhone 5s and 5c’s launch date, we’re not going to argue.

2 It’ll have a slimmer design

ipad 5 dickson montage

Pics of the iPad 5 have been swirling around the web for some time.

But new images from Sonny Dickson, a man with key contacts in the supply chain, have finally confirmed that the iPad 5 will rock a slimmer, more iPad mini-like design.

The bezels are thinner, meaning that while the screen stays at the same 9.7-inches, the overall footprint is significantly less.

3 Colour options galore

iPad 5 sonny dickson

Apple’s new-found love of all things colourful looks set to extend to the iPad 5.

Space grey and white/silver models are almost certainly planned, while dubious spy shots also suggest that Cupertino is priming a champagne gold version, just like the iPhone 5s.

That makes a certain amount of sense, but doesn’t seem quite as nailed-on as the grey and white editions.

Gossip about iPhone 5c-style colours appears to have died down as the launch of the iPad 5 edges closer.

4 8-megapixel camera

iphone 5s isight camera

Apple is said to be beefing up the camera on the iPad 5, trying to emulate the iPhone 5s’s snapper, albeit without a flash.

That means the sensor will be boosted to a decent eight megapixels, while the aperture could be as much as 20% larger, allowing for more detailed and crisp images.

The lack of flash means there’ll be no True Tone feature, but then should you really be using an iPad as your primary camera anyway?

5 Touch ID

touch id iphone 5s

Word is that the Touch ID unit from the iPhone 5s fits perfectly into the iPad 5’s casing.

Coincidence? Unlikely.

Previous iPhone home buttons never tallied with those on the iPad, suggesting Apple wants to bring its fingerprint security function to its top-end tablet.

This seems more likely than loading it up on the cheaper iPad mini 2 and will allow it to push the technology beyond its smartphone portfolio.

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