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  5. iPad mini 2 to outsell iPad 5 by 2 to 1, says analyst

iPad mini 2 to outsell iPad 5 by 2 to 1, says analyst

iPad mini 2 to outsell iPad 5 by 2 to 1, says analyst

The iPad mini 2 is set to be twice as popular as the next version of Apple’s standard-sized slate, an industry analyst forecasts, as we count down to the tablets’ scheduled unveiling on October 22nd.

In a research note to investors, Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets predicted that the smaller tablet will outsell the iPad 5 by a margin of almost two to one.

ipad 5 ipad mini 2 invite

He said: “Allocation of iPads...we believe the iPad Mini will likely drive higher sales relative to the 10" refresh due to its attractive pricing.

“Assuming the Company is able to ship both the iPad Mini and iPad 10" for two months (Nov 1 launch) we would expect a 65/35 split between the Mini and 10".

Daryanani also threw his weight behind long-standing rumours that the iPad mini 2 will be home to a Retina Display and that this would be the slate’s big ‘sell’ for consumers.

Once again chiming with existing speculation, RBC’s man said we should expect the micro-sized slate to be a little big larger to accommodate the higher res screen and the larger battery needed to power the pixel-packed display.

ipad 5 ipad mini 2 leak

As for the iPad 5, we’re apparently looking at another 9.7-inch screen-toting slate, albeit one that’s shrunk a bit thanks to a smaller bezel. Oh and it’ll be lighter too and will feature more rounded edges, blurring the lines between the large and small iterations of Apple’s tablet.

Both devices are purported to come in a choice of gold, silver-white and graphite grey and pack eight-megapixel cameras and the same Touch ID fingerprint security that debuted on the iPhone 5S last month.

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