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  5. Microsoft tears into Apple’s free iWork upgrade

Microsoft tears into Apple’s free iWork upgrade

Microsoft tears into Apple’s free iWork upgrade

A senior Microsoft executive has torn into Apple, claiming the company’s plans to offer the new version of iWork for free to new and existing customers plays into the “reality distortion field” surrounding Cupertino.

In a lengthy post on Microsoft’s official blog, Frank Shaw, the Big M’s Corporate Vice President of Communications, slams iWork for “never having gotten much traction”, saying the decision to price it for free was an “afterthought”.

Shaw goes on to boast that Microsoft’s new versions of its Surface tablet offer a more rounded, productivity-focused approach. He points out that the slates are cheaper than Apple’s new iPads, while offering more storage and packing full versions of Office 2013.

Not without justification, the Big M's man says that while entertaining people on a tablet is “relatively easy”, aiding productivity is much harder.

After describing Microsoft as having “set the gold standard” with Office, Shaw takes one last shot at Tim Cook and co, who he accuses of me-too tactics.

“When I see Apple drop the price of their struggling, lightweight productivity apps, I don’t see a shot across our bow, I see an attempt to play catch-up," Shaw snipes.

Shaw’s confidence has not been reflected in sales, with Microsoft recently forced to write down $900 million after the failure of the first generation of Surface devices.

The company revealed new Surface tablets last month, with a new Nokia Lumia slate also joining its ranks earlier this week.


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