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New iPad 5 photos revealed

New iPad 5 photos revealed

High-resolution images showing Apple’s forthcoming iPad 5 have emerged online today. Snagged by increasingly well-connected Apple-watcher Sonny Dickson, they give multiple angles on the so-called ‘space grey’ version of the device.

The most notable difference when held up to last year’s iPad with Retina Display is the size. The iPad 5 has trimmed right down, with smaller bezels on all sides, meaning it is significantly smaller despite still packing the same 9.7-inch screen.

As with previous leaks, there's also a clear indication that Apple has given the new, full-sized slate the iPad mini treatment. That means more rounded edges and a sleeker overall design.

A white and silver model that will sell alongside the space grey edition is thought to be in the offing. A champagne gold model is also expected, matching the colour options of the recently launched iPhone 5s.

ipad 5 dickson montage

Apple is likely to pull the wrappers off of the new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 at a special event on October 22nd.

While Cupertino itself has yet to confirm the date, key Apple-watchers say that Tim Cook will definitely take to the stage then.


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