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HTC M8: New flagship phone leaks

HTC M8: New flagship phone leaks

HTC’s new flagship device, codenamed M8, has appeared in a series of new blurry spy shots, alongside a set of rumoured specs.

The new top-end device isn’t due for launch until 2014, with HTC desperate for the device to pull it back from the brink after a financially disastrous 2013.

The design suggests not much has changed from this year’s critically lauded HTC One, with an all-metal chassis and a neat, curved finish on show.

Crucially, though, there is one key difference. The back panel clearly shows space for a fingerprint scanner.

HTC has previous with this tech, rolling it out as part of its One Max phablet last month. But in using the security-focused feature in the more mainstream M8, it’ll be hoping to tread on Apple’s toes and nab customers who’ve been eyeing the Touch ID-packing iPhone 5S

Specs-wise, word is HTC will include a Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, updated Sense 6 UX and a display around 5-inches. Expect to see it launch around Mobile World Congress in February.


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