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Moto G gets priced up ahead of launch

Moto G gets priced up ahead of launch

Motorola’s Moto G smartphone isn’t due to get the official nod until September 13th. But Amazon UK appears to have got trigger happy, revealing the price and firming-up rumours about the device’s spec sheet.

The mid-tier Android phone will cost just £159.99 when it’s launched tomorrow. That’s for a 16GB model, with higher pricing expected for more capacious devices.

The rear shell will be available in a number of different, unspecified colours, while the screen will come in at a more than ample 4.5-inches. A quad-core processor completes the picture, suggesting the Moto G will be impressively specced considering the cost.

While a specific Android version is not mentioned, the listing does say that the Moto G will come with “advanced Android with guaranteed upgrade”. So expect Android Jelly Bean, with a boost to KitKat sooner rather than later.

The Moto G will be the Google-owned mobile maker’s latest attempt to revive its fortunes on these shores. The one-time key player has seen its stock slide in recent years, with Samsung, HTC and LG taking its place with a series of impressive Android handsets.



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