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  5. iWatch renders imagine premium and low-cost models

iWatch renders imagine premium and low-cost models

iWatch renders imagine premium and low-cost models

Earlier this week, rumours surfaced that the iWatch is still beset by gargantuan production problems. With everything from the battery, the screen and the manufacturing process itself suffering glitches, it’d be faster to list the parts that aren’t problematic.

iwatch s render

Thankfully, though, in the what-if?, fantastical world of renders those kind of practical, quotidian considerations just don’t exist. Otherwise, we’d never have seen these rather lovely designs from Martin Hajek.

Cocking a snook at Apple’s strife, Hajek’s takes on the smartwatch draw inspiration from the most recent generation of Apple smartphones, with a ‘S’ premium variant and what we’re assuming is a lower-cost 'C' flavour.

Wittily, the iWatch S apes the eminently sensible leather strap and built-to-last chrome and steel build of a Breitling-style timepiece. It looks very much like the sort of heirloom-cum-wristwarmer that Christopher Walken gets emotional about in Pulp Fiction.

The C edition is closer to a disposable Swatch watch, all bright, poppy colourways and what looks like a plastic strap. And brimming with youth appeal.

iwatch c render

Alas, we think the chances of either kind of design appearing when the first-gen iPhone lands later this year are pretty slim.

Rather, as with iPhones and the iPod, we figure they’ll be monochrome, neutral colourways and a single premium product early on, with the possibility for cheaper, more colourful editions some way off in the future.

For what it’s worth, rumours from the tech press also indicate it will also pack a flexible screen of around 1.5-inches.

To boost the iWatch's fitness tracking credentials, the same M7 motion co-processor as the iPhone 5S is thought to be on board too.


Martin Hajek


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