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  5. Windows Phone 8.1 serves up raft of changes

Windows Phone 8.1 serves up raft of changes

Windows Phone 8.1 serves up raft of changes

Microsoft has revealed a series of major developments that are incoming with its forthcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, aimed at improving the third–placed operating system’s market share and taking the fight to Google and Apple.

During a press conference at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the Redmond–based company said it was adding dual SIM support and that the fresh take on the OS will work with a wider variety of lower–powered Qualcomm chipsets.

The latter is a huge deal. It now means Windows Phone has a fighting chance of working on more budget devices, an area where Android is king.

This will be aided by Microsoft ditching its stipulation that manufacturers include a hard camera shutter key on handsets and that apps can run off SD cards. That means devices with cheaper, swappable storage using Microsoft’s OS should now proliferate.

Microsoft has struggled in developing countries because its mobile platform is not a smart option for budget phone-makers.

Its new acquisition, Nokia, has had to turn to Google Android to create new kit for these territories. That’s something Microsoft will be hoping is temporary thanks to these changes to Windows Phone.

The update is due to be fully revealed in April.



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