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  5. HTC releases Zoe for rival manufacturers' phones

HTC releases Zoe for rival manufacturers' phones

HTC releases Zoe for rival manufacturers' phones

HTC will be making the so-called 'Zoe' collaborative video-making function of its handsets available for use on non-HTC smartphones soon, it has confirmed.

Until now, the feature was just a function of built-in cameras on HTC smartphones, but has become a standalone app in the HTC One (M9).

It can capture up to 20 photos from a single press. And it records a three-second video simultaneously too, creating a picture that could be said to be 'alive'.

HTC Director of Commercialisation and Product Management Graham Wheeler said: "We are creating an application called Zoe that allows you to share highlight videos with friends andthen actually create other highlights videos.

"Let's suppose I share one, but the music is not right. Well, in that case a friend could add better music. Or they could add better photos.

"In this way [friends] actually create highlights videos together."

Explaining the decision to extend Zoe's reach to other phone-makers' handsets, he said: "Although we'd love everyone at the party to have an HTC One, not everyone is going to have one.

"So this application will be available to download in the Android Market [Google Play], so if you don't have an HTC phone you can get this HTC experience."

HTC plans to make the app available widely "very shortly after the launch [of the HTC One M8]" and expects to begin rolling it out within a matter of days.

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z1 to be among the first kits to be compatible with the app.

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