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  5. Amazon smartphone will be controlled by tilting it

Amazon smartphone will be controlled by tilting it

Amazon smartphone will be controlled by tilting it

We've already had plenty of details about Amazon's much-rumoured smartphone, but here's a new one: you'll control the device by tilting it.

That's according to BGR, which originally leaked the image you see above.

This tilting control method is enabled by the four infrared cameras on the front of the device. These work with the sensors to create a 3D effect as you move the smartphone around in your hand.

BGR said: "By tilting the handset in different directions while the device is in use, Amazon's interface will display additional information on the screen without the user having to touch or tap anything."

It should make Amazon's effort far easier to use one-handed than most of the ginormo-phones around today.

For example, tilt the handset one way and labels will appear telling you what certain icons do. Tilt it while texting, and you'll have quick access to the camera roll for attaching pictures.

In Maps, you'll be able to see restaurants' ratings and film scores in IMDB: once again, both are accessed by tilting the phone.

This tilt control also does away with the need for a traditional menu button.

But that's not the only trick up Amazon's sleeve. It's also reportedly working on an app that will use the phone's rear camera to capture text (from signs or menus, say) and convert it into editable text on the device. So pedants will be able to correct those misspelled signs they see.

Amazon's smartphone is set to be unveiled later in the spring, so we've not long to wait to see it for ourselves.



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