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LG G Watch will always be on

LG G Watch will always be on

LG has spilled the beans on its upcoming G Watch, in the year that tech-watchers predict will finally see wearable tech become 'the new black'.

The South Korean company has unveiled a new website with more details on the device. Chief among its skills is an always-on screen. That means it always shows the time, and never goes to sleep.

The upshot is that you won't have to turn your wrist to wake it up, as with Samsung's Gear 2.

In our review, we found that function is a bit hit and miss with the Gear 2, so hopefully LG's model will be more usable.

The G Watch will come in two colours: 'stealth black' and 'champagne gold'. It will also be dust- and water-resistant.

The G Watch is one of the first products announced to run Android Wear: a custom version of Google's operating system that's optimised for wearable tech. This means it'll have built-in access to Google Maps and Google Now.

The other device announced for Google Wear is Motorola's Moto 360, which has a round face, and so looks more like a traditional timepiece.

Samsung's Gear 2 is the latest big smartwatch to be released, and while it improves on the original in every way, we still found it wanting. Especially with the likes of the Pebble Steel, and LG and Motorola's versions breathing down its neck.

The LG G Watch is due to be released later in the spring, though it's not confirmed for the UK yet. The Moto 360 will be here at some point in the summer.


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