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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 official

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 official

Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Surface Pro 3 tablet. The new device comes with a larger display than its predecessor, with the Redmond-based company claiming this is the slate that will replace your laptop once and for all.

The capacious 12-inch display rocks an impressive 2160 x 1440 resolution. Underneath that eyeball-stroking effort you’ll find a battery that can keep kicking for up to nine hours while browsing the web.

There are a number of storage options: 64GB or 128GB with the 4GB RAM model. And 256GB or 512GB with the 8GB RAM model. Those numbers show that the Surface Pro 3 is more like an ultrabook than your average tablet.

Microsoft has also included the latest Intel Core processors, with the option to spec up the device from Core i3 to i5 or i7 variants depending on how snappy you want things. Full Windows 8, with the ability to install desktop software, completes the package.

The 292 x 201.3 x 9.1mm footprint makes this one incredibly slimline device too. But the question is, can these impressive specs lead to bigger sales?

Microsoft’s tablet brand has failed to convince consumers to switch from their iPads and Android slates and an entry level price of £639 may prove too much of a barrier.

Microsoft failed to show off the much mooted Surface Mini, suggesting it was ready to ditch its struggling Windows RT platform.

The Surface Pro 3 is due to hit shelves in the UK this August.



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