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  5. iPhone 6: 4.7” mock-up poses alongside HTC One and iPhone 5S

iPhone 6: 4.7” mock-up poses alongside HTC One and iPhone 5S

iPhone 6: 4.7” mock-up poses alongside HTC One and iPhone 5S

A dummy of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 has tipped up online alongside some of smartphones it’ll be doing battle with when it drops in September.

Images of the handset sitting pretty next to the HTC One M8 and the current-generation iPhone 5S surfaced first on Korean site Seeko and give us some idea of how the phone will compare to the competition.

Of course, at 4.7-inches, the iPhone 6 comes in somewhere between the 5-inch screen-toting HTC One M8 and the four-inch iPhone 5S in the dimensions stakes. The size boost is a significant shift in the evolution of the iPhone and one that's only laid bare when you see it next to the existing edition in the photos.

The images also show the phone’s rounded, rear-mounted flash and make explicit how this will differ from the oval TrueTone flash fitting on the iPhone 5S. That augurs well for what would be a very welcome iSight camera overhaul when the iPhone 6 lands.

And naturally, we also get a good look at how the iPhone 6’s rounded edges alter the look and feel and Apple’s handset, returning it to a design that’s closer to the iPhone 3GS than the models that came in the wake of the more squared-off iPhone 4S.

seeko iphone 6 leak 2

The latest spread of iPhone 6-related snaps comes ahead of the phone’s launch later this year.

This year, the 4.7-inch handset is expected to be accompanied by a 5.5-inch model that would mark Apple’s first-ever jaunt into phablet territory.

It’s thought that the latter could sell for as much as $100 than its smaller sibling; a premium that is nonetheless unlikely to dampen fanboys’ ardour for the long-fabled iPhablet.



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