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Microsoft plotting Kinect–style Lumia phone

Microsoft plotting Kinect–style Lumia phone

Microsoft is planning to include wide–ranging gesture control functionality in its first phone to use the Lumia brand, it has emerged.

The move will allow users to control the device much in the same way its Kinect sensor lets gamers swipe and prod their way through games without using a traditional controller.

Sources have detailed the Big M's plans to The Verge. Word is that Microsoft will let users answer calls by simply raising the phone to their ear, get rid of notifications by waving a hand in front of the handset and even fire up the speakerphone by placing the phone on a flat surface during a call.

Dubbed Real Motion or 3D Touch, the technology is likely to get the official nod when Microsoft unveils its first Lumia phone, codenamed McLaren, this autumn.

The tech, developed by Nokia, will only work in this new phone initially, with Windows Phone partners such as Samsung not being brought into the fold.

Other features are said to include the ability to override orientation locks, so the phone will know when you’re lying on the sofa flicking through the web.

What’s more, you’ll be able to use the side of the handset to interact with the screen too. Think: zooming in when taking pictures without having to pinch the display and obscure the view.

Microsoft may well be onto something big. But it’ll need to move fast. Amazon’s 3D smartphone is due out on June 18th and could grab the limelight in the months before launch.

The question is, will punters see this as a smart new way of controlling phones, or just a gimmick to attract new users?


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