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BBM for Windows Phone app official

BBM for Windows Phone app official

BlackBerry’s BBM Windows Phone app has been given the official nod, coming out of beta and landing in the Microsoft platform’s app store.

After a short period being tested by hardcore fans and company insiders, the new app promises to offer a completely different look to its iOS, Android and BlackBerry stablemates. The flat look and clean design are unquestionably the sharpest BBM design yet.

Users will be able to pin chats onto their device’s home screen, while the usual contacts, chats and feeds tabs will be familiar to those who have used the service on other operating systems.

Since branching out from its BlackBerry base, BBM has become a hugely popular app on both iOS and Android, doing well in its battle with Facebook–owned WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage.

Users keen to get going can download the app now.

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