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IFA 2014: Five new phones to look out for

IFA 2014: Five new phones to look out for

The annual gadget-fest that is IFA is due to kick off in Berlin this week.

As usual, the great and the good of the tech world are descending on the German capital, laden with new kit to try and entice you to open your wallet and spend big in the run-up to Christmas.

There’s due to be plenty of new products on show, with smartphones, as ever, taking centre stage.

Read on and we’ll take you through our pick of the five new devices to keep an eye out for as the show gets underway.

1 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

galaxy note 4 erafone leak

The most anticipated device of IFA is once again a Samsung phablet.

The Korean company is holding a special ‘Unpacked’ event on September 3rd, where it’s due to show off its much–hyped Galaxy Note 4.

Teased in a series of short clips and seen in a string of leaks, the new version of Samsung’s highly acclaimed Note series promises much.

We’re talking a new, metal chassis, handwriting smarts via a bundled stylus, beefed up 5.7–inch screen with a 515 pixels per inch density, 16-megapixel camera and the latest Google Android software.

Acutely aware of how the Galaxy S5 failed to shine, Samsung will want to make sure this newbie stands out from the crowd.

2 Sony Xperia Z3

sony xperia z3 back

Sony has teased three new devices for release at IFA.

One tablet, one compact smartphone and this, its new flagship effort.

This new effort, snapped last month, is more of an iterative update than a major overhaul, with the same 20.7- megapixel camera and 1080p screen as before.

The display will be just over 5-inches, while the Z2's ability to withstands drops, dunks in water and extreme temperatures also makes a reappearance.

The speakers are expected to get a boost, however, while the processor may also be ramped up to deal with increasingly impressive Android apps.

3 LG G3 Stylus

lg g3 stylus

Already announced, this capacious device is certain to take pride of place on LG’s stand.

It’s the company’s latest attempt to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, with a 5.5–inch display and, of course, a stylus for tapping out text on that vast screen.

The screen isn’t quite full HD and it only as 1GB of RAM, so it’s not quite up there with Sammy’s effort.

But it does have a similar design to the stunning LG G3, which is bound to impress the aesthetes among you.

4 Asus PadFone X Mini

asus padfone x

Asus is always a banker when it comes to delivering off-kilter kit that really butters the muffin of a certain kind of hardcore tech fan.

And it’s not going to disappoint at IFA. The Taiwanese company is said to be plotting the release of its PadFine X Mini.

This is a pared down take on its PadFone X tablet/smartphone hybrid.

Rumours suggest it will consist of a smartphone with a 4–inch screen that docks into the back of a 7–inch tablet.

That implies it could simply be a rejigged version of the PadFone Mini, seen at CES in January.

Either way, it promises to be a bit different than your average smartie.

5 Motorola X+1

moto x+1 press shot leak

Motorola is set to reveal its new flagship phone in Chicago on Thursday, September 4th. But it'll doubtless have the handset on show in Berlin too.

The X+1, already leaked extensively, promises to build on last year’s ace Moto X.

That means a 5–inch plus full HD screen, a unique wooden frame and, if rumours are right, some kind of 3D tracking skills.

The latter would let it take on Amazon’s US–only Fire phone.

Android KitKat will of course be keeping things ticking over, despite Google selling Motorola on to Lenovo earlier this year.

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