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iOS 8.0.2: How soon until fixes are forthcoming?

iOS 8.0.2: How soon until fixes are forthcoming?

Apple really, really needs to fix iOS 8.

That much is already clear after coming on for two weeks of endless complaints about sluggish iPhones and iPads and mobile internet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections dropping out intermittently

Discussion boards on Apple’s own site and across the web are alive with users bemoaning the fact that once-snappy devices are now verging on unusable thanks to Cupertino’s poor software.

Workarounds to fix bugs are being shared around.

But these are awkward to implement and not exactly helpful to mainstream users who buy into the Apple ecosystem precisely because ‘it just works’.

So, when are we likely to see major changes? Not for a few weeks it seems.

ios 8 iphone 6 reachability

New reports have suggested Apple will launch its Apple Pay service on October 20th, heralding the release of iOS 8.1.

This build of iOS is already with developers and has been for over a week.

Word is, it fixes Bluetooth niggles as well as the other myriad problems with iOS 8.

This new version of the platform has apparently been tested extensively in recent weeks.

But here’s the rub. Will it really get everything sorted?

iOS 8.0.2 was supposed to offer a cure for the ills of iOS 8.0.1, which was pulled within hours because of the problems it caused.

If anything the latest version has made things worse.

And things haven’t been helped by Apple seeming to retreat into its shell and not offer an apology or explanation for its failings.

So much for explaining recent woes, as it did with ‘bendgate’.

In the space of a week, Apple has gone back to hiding behind its customer service reps and not getting out in front of the story.

They’re not ‘owning it’ as they say in PR land.

This whole debacle is fast becoming as big as the Maps failures that dogged the company in 2012.

Apple Maps showing distorted bridge

Back then it had to admit to serious issues and wound up shedding staff and executives in a round of blood-letting.

Users who have paid huge sums for new iPhones deserve better.

They should be getting updates now, or at least be told more vociferously, through official channels, to roll back to the first build of iOS 8 and hold tight.

Waiting two or three weeks isn’t good enough.

Among hardcore Apple users, it’s always been a running joke that you never pull the trigger on a software update when it first comes out.

That’s been true of the last few versions of its desktop OS X system and now it’s the same with iOS.

iphone 6 retail box official

Teething problems will always happen.

But this all smacks of a failure to do due diligence on key features which all users need.

What use is a smartphone that can’t connect to the web and make calls?

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