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iOS 8.1 out today

iOS 8.1 out today

Apple is set to release iOS 8.1 today, October 20th. The new update is ostensibly about the company’s new U.S. only Apple Pay platform, although it is widely expected that it will also bring a series of fixes to the struggling operating system.

Users have spent the past month complaining about iOS 8, saying Bluetooth connectivity, Wi–Fi and mobile network access have all been hampered by Apple’s latest update to its mobile operating system.

Apple did not acknowledge these issues during its unveiling of new iPad models last week. That despite its own discussion boards being flooded with complaints by irate users who were unable to properly use their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

iOS 8.1 is expected to bring further features to Apple’s Continuity platform, which allows users to switch seamlessly between iOS and its desktop OS X Yosemite platform. SMS Really will let users receive and reply to texts and iPads and Macs, while Instant Hotspot will serve up a data connection from an iPhone directly to a Mac’s Wi–Fi settings.

Apple Pay will also launch in the States. The NFC–enabled payment system is expected to be a hit for Apple, as it looks to make an impression where Google Wallet has failed to do so.

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