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iPad Air 2: Five more things we’ve learned

iPad Air 2: Five more things we’ve learned

Apple’s next generation iPad Air is coming. That much we’re sure of.

Rumours have been swirling in recent weeks about Cupertino’s plans, but now a fresh report claims that the spanking-new slate will be revealed next week.

So, what exactly do we know about this new tablet? And just as importantly, when can we expect to get our hands on one?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things we already know about the iPad Air 2.

1 Touch ID

ipad air 2 home button touch id

Apple’s fingerprint security tech has so far been an iPhone-only affair.

After launching on the iPhone 5S last year, it now sits pretty on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus too.

But a series of blurry spy shots appear to show the upcoming iPad Air 2 packing the same home button as its smaller stablemates.

The feature will doubtless work in the same way too, with users inputting their details to provide an added layer of security when they unlock their tablet or buy apps, books and music.

2 A8 processor and beefed up RAM

a8 processor official

Apple is likely to include its snappy A8 processor in the iPad Air. That’s the same one found in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

What’s more, it’s likely to double the RAM to 2GB.

This was a bone of contention among hardcore tech fans, who claimed the 1GB in the original iPad Air wasn’t enough.

Try telling that to anyone who uses it regularly and still finds it lightning-quick to use.

3 All-new camera

ipad air 2 rear shell

A leaked case design for the new iPad Air suggests it’ll feature a previously unseen LED flash, with a hole next to where the lens will sit causing plenty of speculation.

That’s not all. It’s thought the snapper will be bumped up to eight megapixels from five.

That should mean crisper shots for a certain type of user who thinks holding up an iPad at a football game or gig is a fair use of the slate.

4 Design stays the same

ipad air 2 weigh in

The iPad Air was the first major design change to Apple’s tablet since the iPad 2 in 2011.

It’s thought Cupertino will stick with the super thin frame this time round, boosting the internal specs to try and entice new customers.

With iPad sales stalling in the last quarter, this may prove to be a bold or foolhardy move.

5 October 16th launch date

Tim Cook at Apple keynote

Apple is plotting a low-key launch event in its Town Hall space on its Infinite Loop campus.

This will take place on Tuesday October 16th according to a report from Re/code, with inside sources serving up the details.

Re/code got the iPhone 6 launch date spot-on and is known for its impeccable Apple credentials, so expect official confirmation very soon.

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