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Nokia N1: Five things you need to know

Nokia N1: Five things you need to know

Yes, Microsoft has ditched the Nokia name. But that doesn’t mean the one time colossus of the mobile world is dead and buried.

Far from it. Microsoft may have spent billions on Nokia’s devices and services business, but the Finnish company still exists, albeit in slimmed down form.

This week, it’s given everyone a reminder of a time when it churned out quality products, revealing a new tablet, the N1.

And on the face of it, it looks hugely promising. Want to know more?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Nokia N1.

1 It takes its cue from Apple

iphone 6 large side on

Nokia would obviously not agree, but it’s hard not to look at the N1 and think Apple.

Everything about this slimline, metal tablet screams iPhone and iPad.

There are the rounded edges, metal finish, speaker grille and charging port placement for starters.

That’s no bad thing: Apple still makes the best looking phones and tablets out there.

And at least it doesn’t look like some of the plasticky Lumia kit being made by Microsoft.

2 But Google is on the inside

android lollipop

Apple may be what you think when you see the N1, but under the hood Google Android is what keeps things ticking.

It runs the latest version, Lollipop 5.0, making it one of the first tablets to do so.

This is a smart move by Nokia: it learned the hard way that proprietary software is no way to go in the modern world of tablets and smartphones.

And perhaps if it had opted to go with Google’s OS rather than Windows Phone back in the day, maybe it wouldn’t have found most of its business in the hands of Microsoft.

3 Tweaked Z Launcher offers neat twist on Android

nokia z launcher

Nokia has, however, not been able to resist the urge to add a little customisation to the N1.

Its Z Launcher, already in private beta on other Android phones, is a clever tool which learns about which apps and service you use the most, leaving them in a neat list on the home screen so you don’t have to go searching for them every time you want to fire them up.

It’s set to launch on Google Play soon too, but this device is clearly what it was originally meant for.

4 It’s out in China first

nokia n1 detail

Don’t go expecting to get the N1 here in the UK ahead of schedule. Nokia is targeting China first, saying the slate will hit shelves after Chinese New Year, which takes place on February 19th.

Russia will get in on the action after that. There’s no word on other plans, although you can sign up to be kept informed via Nokia’s website. It’s set to cost $250 (£159) at launch.

5 Impressive spec sheet

nokia n1 angled

The N1’s specs are certainly impressive. It features an eight megapixel round the back, a five megapixel number up front, 1080p video recording and a 7.9–inch, 2048 x 1536 display.

It measures just 6.9mm thin and packs in two high quality speakers, 2GB of RAM, a 64 bit quad core Intel Atom processor and an ample 32GB of storage space.

Not too shabby for a first effort after a few years out of the game.

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