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iPad Pro mock up stars in new video

iPad Pro mock up stars in new video

After the leak of schematics for Apple’s long–rumoured iPad Pro, it was only a matter of time before one fan took things to the next level and created a prototype.

YouTube user Canoopsy has done just that, making a mock-up to show the device’s size compared to other Apple products.

Packing a 12.2–inch screen and measuring 305.1 x 220.8 x 7mm, the iPad Pro, or iPad Air Plus as it’s also been dubbed, is significantly larger than any existing Apple tablet.

In fact, positioned next to the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini, it looks positively gargantuan.

It’s only a touch smaller than a 13–inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air , which once again raises questions about whether an iPad Pro would be a worthwhile investment over a more powerful Mac.

While official plans and prices are yet to be revealed, any larger iPad is likely to encroach on the base price of an 11–inch MacBook Air, which starts at £749.

How Apple explains why an iOS tablet is more worthwhile than a Mac laptop and markets it to the iFaithful remains to be seen.

Rumours suggest the iPad Pro will be revealed in spring 2015, alongside a redesigned iPad mini.



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