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Lumia 1020 successor spotted

Lumia 1020 successor spotted

A successor to Nokia’s hugely popular Lumia 1020 cameraphone appears to have been papped in China, sending tech fans into a frenzy of speculation about whether the device will see the light of day.

The handset, which has the same protruding lens design as the Lumia 1020, is thought to be a version of a device codenamed 'McLaren'.

That project was reportedly canned in the months after Microsoft bought out Nokia, with reports suggesting the phone featured support for Kinect–style 3D gestures and a huge camera, possibly the same 41 megapixel effort as the Lumia 1020.

This new leak points to McLaren perhaps being released in a different form, with a trimmed down, non–mechanical camera lens and a standard LED flash, not a Xenon one.

Codenamed RM–1052, the prototype is currently for sale on a Chinese auction site.

Other than its camera smarts, the RM–1052 packs a 5–inch 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM and Windows Phone 8.1, all in an aluminium frame.

Last month saw Microsoft release its first Lumia phone not bearing the Nokia brand, the Lumia 535.

More handsets are expected to surface under that name in the new year. Here’s hoping that this camera-focused effort is one of them.


The Verge

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