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Nokia Here Maps app hits Android

Nokia Here Maps app hits Android

Nokia Here Maps has officially started rolling out in the Google Play store.

The Finnish company’s highly regarded mapping service had previously required sideloading from Nokia’s website in order to play nice with Android devices.

While Nokia’s maps’ offering isn’t as all encompassing as Google’s, its big selling point centres on its driving features, which are a cut above the Big G’s.

Its navigation tool is excellent and what’s more it downloads maps for 118 countries, meaning you don’t need a data connection to get from A to B.

Nokia has added 18 new countries with this new release, including Algeria, Cyprus, Iraq and Suriname.

That selection shows just how all-encompassing this service really is, even if none of those hotspots appeal to your adventurous side.

The former mobile-maker has also given its website a tweak and says that it’s hard at work on an iOS version of Here Maps, which it hopes to have up for grabs in the App Store in early 2015.



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