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Top10 iPhone app review

Top10 iPhone app review

For most savvy smartphone users, Airbnb is the default tool when they're looking for cheap accommodation that can be booked breezily via their handset.

But what about those who want a hotel rather than someone’s sofa? That’s where Top10’s new app hopes to come in. 2.0

Updated and released this week, the travel website’s add–on is designed to make finding and booking hotels on your phone seamless.

So, does it match up to its billing?

Essentially, Top10 is a price comparison and aggregation tool for hotel rooms.

That means it serves up a variety of prices from different sources, such as, Late Rooms and venere, letting you book a room within the app itself.

But where it really comes into its own is the breadth of options on offer.

You can choose the location where you want to book via the search tool up top or give the app your current location to see rooms nearby.

A trending list shows you what destinations are popular at any given moment.

There are literally hundreds of places to choose from across the globe.

Further menus across the top let you drill down and choose your preferred style of hotel: luxury, business, boutique and budget are all catered for.

Once you’ve picked a hotel, a series of prices will be served up below from the app’s aforementioned partners.

top 10 app payment

But that’s not all.

A detailed map pulled from Apple’s native mapping tool pins the location of the hotel, while scrolling down gives you a percentage review rating from every partner.

What we really love are the Guest Tips.

These Foursquare–powered missives at the bottom of each hotel’s booking page deliver pithy one liners about what to avoid, what food to try and, occasionally harshly, who frequents the establishment.

Obviously, this tool works best in larger cities. London and New York hotels offer a welter of information, for example.

Not everything is plain sailing, though. Sometimes you’ll be redirected to a partner’s site rather than being able to book directly within the app.

top 10 worldwide

This didn’t happen with the Ace Hotels in London or NYC, but did when we looked at checking in to places in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In one case it told us to call to make a reservation.

These are small gripes and ones that doubtless will be worked out in time.

If you’re on a big trip or just like booking rooms on the fly, Top10 is an impressive travel all-rounder.

Top10's app is available for download at the App Store

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