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Apple iPad Pro stylus planned

Apple iPad Pro stylus planned

Apple will release a dedicated stylus for its heavily rumoured iPad Pro. That’s according to Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst known for getting his predictions regarding the Cupertino company bang on-the-money.

Kuo reckons the stylus will be revealed at the same time as the new iPad, but will be sold separately as Apple looks to keep the base cost of the new tablet as low as possible.

With the larger iPad Pro, also known in some quarters as the iPad Air Plus, being talked up as a business-focused slate, Kuo reckons a stylus would be necessary in order to provide greater accuracy within productivity apps.

Although an Apple patent from 2010 showed off an iPad being used with a stylus, the company has dismissed such smart pens as needless in the past.

When the iPad launched in 2010, Steve Jobs famously said: “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

But having released a smaller iPad despite Jobs’ known distaste for pared down tablets, unleashing a stylus doesn’t seem such a far fetched move for Apple.

The iPad Pro is said to be launching in the second or third quarter of the year and is purported to pack more powerful speakers to boost its entertainment credentials.



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